just a little vent .. maybe a big rant 🤣


Hey mommas , I hope all is well & having a blessed pregnancy ❤️ .. So i'm sitting in my bed and i'm laying next to my big baby ( my oldest son ) & i was talking to him & his just on his tablet ( he had a really late nap ) anyway .. I was thinking about when it's time to have his brother (because that's what i was talking to him about lol in ways he can understand) .. I was thinking about how much i'm going to miss my oldest son & feeling guilty about leaving him long.. My baby only three and really won't know what's going on , we talk about his baby brother often & his exited about it also & can't wait until his baby brother gets here , him and my little brother talks about the baby all the time lol , My oldest is only three and he really won't know what's going on in so many ways , hopefully the hospital stay isn't that "long" .. I'm so ready for my baby boy ( youngest son ) to get here 😩 But i'm not happy about having to leave my big baby either .. ❤️ But nonetheless i'm blessed , i have just about everything just missing a couple thing's & getting some stuff in order but im getting ready lol.. i will be ready and not " overthinking " 🥴. .