My at home birth experience


I have been shamed by some people about my decision to have my birth at home rather than the hospital and for that I have been scared to post my feelings or share this. This is my experience.

My water broke in the middle of the night of may 4th and I spent the first few stages of my labor actively walking around, bouncing on the ball, doing laundry and patiently waiting for baby girl to make her entrance. I was excited, and happy 😊 i didn’t care how much pain i would be in, i just couldn’t wait to hold her and love her. Once the contractions got closer together I had to get into the pool. I started feeling the need to bare down and the intensity of it all hit me. the waves of intense pain I turned to my side and hoping the warm bath would aid me some how. I pleaded with my midwife telling her I could no longer do this, I had no strength left to endure this. She reassured me that I can do this, and I will get through this! I held my partners hand and cried with him, I got on my knees, and used the edge of the pool for leverage. I gathered every ounce of strength I had left, and I pushed. I pushed again, reached down feeling her little head, as my midwife guided me upright I gave one final push with all that I had and felt relief. Hearing my beautiful daughter taking her first breathe, as my midwife placed her up to my arms. I held her close to me, and only thoughts of fulfillment, joy and love came to mind. I didn’t care about the amount of blood I’d lost, how exhausted I was and any other worry in the world.

I was complete. Holding my sweet little Aria close to me, and stroking her thick hair, kissing her beautiful face. Thanking God for such a beautiful blessing and addition to our family. 💕