Excited !!


Guys I’m so excited, tomorrow it will be 8dpo and I have lab work as for my fertility doctor request to check my progesterone levels, and hcg levels, I also have a vaginal ultrasound this coming Thursday , and more labs on cycle day 3 ,

Sending baby dust to all ladies trying to conceive !!

Like I said before gotta love my doctor,had my first consultation Monday 16th and told her I was on my peak day and she prescribed me progesterone suppositories right away ( same treatment I had back on 2016 )and scheduled all my labs and ultrasound, and told me that we need to hurry since I’m 46 .

Wish me luck !!!

Baby dust to all ladies out there ttc


My labs came back and my hcg it’s <1

I feel sad but at the same time optimist , going to my appointment on Thursday and we’ll go from there

By the way Today I’m 8 dpo , do you think it’s to early for n be lood work???