Bf is breaking boundaries in the bedroom

So when it comes to sex my bf breaks a lot of my boundaries.

Just last night he wouldn’t listen to me when I said I didn’t feel comfortable doing anal without any lube because it’s is a sensitive area and I didn’t want to be hurt. He didn’t listen and now I have a small tear and some bleeding. I also told him I didn’t want to have penetrative sex until he went and bought condoms because I don’t want to risk pregnancy and have to go get ec again. He slipped it in without saying anything anyways.

He never wants to use protection. I’ve had to take plan b several times in the past few months because I can’t afford birth control and he won’t buy condoms. I really can’t afford to buy plan b either because he doesn’t pay for it. I refuse to buy him condoms because he should be taking some responsibility in our sex life too and not just me.

He also never pleases me. I don’t like being someone who just constantly gives head to there partner and never receives anything or gets finished off. He never listens to my wants or needs and it’s just getting too much.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m really bad with being a doormat for people so I never confront situations and I know that’s my fault but I’ve come from a past with sexual assault and so I kinda go like a deer in headlights when people push my boundaries instead of actively pushing people off or saying things. Is there any advice anyone can give? I would appreciate no harsh criticism or judgement as I’m here more for support - not to be berated for this thank you.