Which camp are you?


Almost daily, I daydream about being past the four month sleep regression, past night feeds, and to the point where baby is fun to play with, up longer, down to two predictable naps and a catnap, with a predictable feeding schedule and decent night sleep….you know, like baby being six months old. (And then teething will occasionally wreck that, I know) 😁

It’s definitely easier this month than last month with our bodies healed up and less night feeds, but even this second time around, my last baby, I’m still not a fan of the newborn period. Cuddles and coos and toothless smiles just aren’t enough pros for the cons.

On top of physical exhaustion from a major sleep deficit, all the unpredictable napping and feeding schedules and fussiness that I can’t figure out or fix really stress me out and drain me. 😰

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