3 weeks postpartum back pain


Hi everyone. I had an epidural, a failure to progress long labour after my water broke (17 hours) and then they decided to do an emergency c-section. I am also a FTM and exclusively breastfeeding my LO. This last week I have had terrible mid back pain, which I have been taking Tylenol and aleve for. Some days my appetite as well is affected because I also get stomach pains along with the back pains. It's affected that even though I have food in front of me that I thought I wanted, the moment I put it in my mouth it becomes the most unappetizing food. I haven't talked to a doctor regarding this because it's probably just a side effect of the c-section. My back compensating for my weak abdominal that were cut during surgery. Not sure about my appetite. Just wondering if there is anyone else experiencing these symptoms and what they have done to cope with it?