Preparing for Breastfeeding

Hello all my lovelies! I’m pregnant with my 3rd baby (first girl) and with my boys I struggled horrendously with Breastfeeding. My supply was low and weak and my boys just didn’t want to stay latched. So now that I’m having my 3rd and final, I really want to put my breasts up to their fullest potential!

I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant, and wondering if there’s anything I can do now to help prepare for once my darling daughter makes her arrival? I’ve got some of the BodyArmor drinks (haven’t touched them yet) and have loaded one of my cupboards with oatmeal but is there anything else? Certain diets or supplements I should start taking now? I really want a healthy supply and really want to breastfeed until 18 months, though that’s a HUGE goal as I only made it to a month with both boys.

Any thing would be appreciated!