I’m divorcing my husband two weeks before giving birth.

Long story short..

I used to be very independent and a single mom of a toddler. I started to date a guy and we got unexpectedly pregnant in December( I was taking birth control and got pregnant.) We married each other in March, and we are filling for divorce now. I have been going through mental, emotional, and physical abuse. I have been called names and pushed around my pregnancy. I was not an angel in the beginning, whereas I used to say hurtful things but once we got married, I changed and became more of a Christian wife. I did an entire 180 and began getting accused of cheating because I wasn’t arguing back, I wasn’t cussing, or entertaining his anger. He has shown himself to be narcissistic and manipulative. He calls me broke and a lazy useless bitch because I do not work although we agreed that I would stop and when I did try to get jobs, he said no. He never apologizes for the things he does or says and acts like it didn’t happen. He always says “he knows it wasn’t okay so I don’t need to tell him.” He has never been around children and actually, very enabled and spoiled by his grandparents so I do believe there has been jealousy over my toddler who is not biologically his. I have prayed and prayed but I have been physically abused a total of 6 different times and he even went to jail once over it but did it again two weeks later.. which is what brings me here today. I let myself become dependent on him, I will have to move back down with my mother and children. He has been getting high with his friends and even got a promotion at work on Friday. I have felt like he just continues to get blessed but my prayer warriors tell me that those are not real blessings, they are just the devils distraction. Part of me wonders if I am being dramatic for leaving and the other part of me just wants to do what’s right for my children and myself….