I just recently got diagnosed with vulvodynia and I stay in incredible pain. The guy I'm with and I just started dating and he's extremely big and most of the time it hurts so bad to have sex with him. But the thing is he thinks I'm sleeping with someone else and I can barely use the restroom or even sit down without being in an immense amount of pain let alone sleep with anyone else. I've told him about the condition but he doesn't believe me even though I've been to the obgyn and gotten prescribed medicine for it. I'm at my wits end bc I've told him more that once about being in pain but just bc I have guy friends that I've known for years and never felt anything like that for them, he feels I'm sleeping with them. I've told him to look it up and I've explained the best way I can, but I don't think he has. Apparently this condition tends to break up relationships. Plus I work a 50-70hr work schedule on 3rd shift. He doesn't believe that I don't want to have sex and just want to sleep. Idk if any other women are going thru this and if so pls help me with any suggestions that would help me and situation. I'm close to just breaking up with him and get myself back together.