Am I Selfish?

Aaryon • BLM

Lately, it’s been a rough couple of days with myself. I’m consistently getting emotional and sometimes I get very sensitive.

Ever since my boyfriend and I started dating in 2019, we were in high school. Since we were in high school, he had to leave my home after school and pick up his sibling from elementary. That was no problem for me because that’s his sibling and if he has to leave for them, by all means, go right for it. 🤷🏾‍♀️ As our relationship went on and he had graduated from high school, it sort of went odd emotionally for me. I still love(d) him of course but there was this thing.

Since he didn’t have to attend high school anymore, we would spend time together on the weekends. At that point, I still had school on weekdays and he was applying for community college. To get to the main point, our time together till this day is limited. As of right now, he’s 20 years old… and has a “curfew”. Since we’ve been dating, his mother has called him at 12:00am on the DOT and asked him to come home (for I don’t know what reason). He goes home but it just had bothered me and still bothers me sometimes because it feels like we’re little kids? I don’t know how to explain it but he’s practically a grown man… it was bothering me that at 18-19 that his mother would be calling him up to leave.

There’s a little more details that’s too much for me to type out at the moment, but how would you feel if your significant other left at 12:00am sharp to go home when his mother said so at the age of 19-20 years old? Like am I selfish for feeling like that’s odd?