Has anyone had a tubal ligation and ended up pregnant?


Has anyone ended up pregnant after a tubal ligation? Not just clamped, banded or tied. I'm talking cut and cauterized (burned)- so there IS scar tissue.


March 2020 I had a ligation after a rough pregnancy.

I'm supposed to get my period a week from now (8/29). However, I have been cramping like crazy. Bloated. Incredibly Moody and emotional (like, I've cried ALL DAY OVER EVERYTHING). When I go to the bathroom, I have spotting, only when I wipe. It's a rusty brownish-red. Very VERY light.

Note: it isn't normal for me to spot, have breast tenderness, or the emotional-Ness. The only times I have spotted, had tenderness or been so emotional  in the past was right before I found out I was pregnant. Cramping I've always had. And I'm usually a b*tch instead of super sweet and crying over literally everything.

It's hard to say when I ovulated because since I had my tubes tied I kinda tucked it out of my mind. 😬

Anyway, I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone and what your outcome was (if you don't mind sharing)?

I am TERRIFIED of having an ectopic pregnancy.