He still can’t fit inside of me.. please help :/


So, me and my bf have been having trouble trying to get him to fit. Idk if I’m just tight or if he’s just too big?? I’ve literally tried everything and I’m getting so upset with myself. I’m always aroused and wet with him so I don’t understand why it won’t fit. Also, I’m relaxed and comfortable with him so idk what’s going on.. I’ve followed every single tip people have given me (lots of lube, lots of foreplay, etc). I’m at a point where I just really don’t know what to do.

We haven’t been able to successfully have sex because it won’t fit. I’m lucky that he’s being so patient and kind with me. I literally broke down sobbing in front of him bc I just don’t know what’s going on. I thought it was vagnismus but I don’t think it is because I’m able to put a tampon in without a problem plus I have dilators that fit perfectly.

Can someone please help me out? If anyone has been through this same situation and has overcome it, please give me some advice. I’m really at a point where I just break down and cry every time I think about sex because this situation is too much for me.

Thank you.