Am I in the wrong?


Am I in the wrong for being exhausted, bitchy, sick, and tired of everything?

I’ll be 40 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I’ve NEVER not once in my life made it to term with any pregnancy but this one might I add. However everyone thinks it’s okay to drag my ass everywhere for example when my SOs daughter is here the Sunday we pick her up we take an hour drive to get her at 6pm, come back only to go eat with his family until 10:30-11 at night, then to get back and have to force her into the bath mind you I’m the one who does the baths not him, get her to bed along with my other two kids maybe and I mean maybe by midnight, then I go to lay down myself after I shower hopefully by 12:30-1am only to wake up at 5am load 2 of the kids into my car (if I have both and my mom wasn’t a saint and kept my daughter), drive 15 minutes to my moms house, Unload those two kids, get back in the car drive an hour to work, work till 5-530pm, drive an hour back, pick up the kids at my moms, drive back to town, unload the kids, eat dinner, give baths, get ready for bed, shower, lay down and cross my fingers it’s by 10-1030 which is nearly never because of my SOs daughter, and repeat this process every day except for Wednesday’s and then he adds cornhole into the schedule which starts at 6pm and ends at 12am. Then on the weekends if his daughter is here we normally play cornhole from 1pm-12am. Then the next Sunday we drive an hour take her back at 6pm then come home eat dinner and go to bed.

IM EXHAUSTED!!! After a week of this he took my ass to go eat dinner 30 minutes away from when we got back to town at 8:30pm so we got there at 9-930 can’t really remember the exact time then didn’t leave their house until 11:20-11:30pm got home at midnight almost and then got in bed at 12:30ish. He’s now irritated at me cause I told him I’m not doing anything until the baby is born. I’m over it. But I don’t want to be over reacting if I am in the wrong myself. And before someone says you don’t have to go let me add that he gets upset if I don’t cause I don’t spend time with him so I get annoyed and give up on that option.