Would you be mad?

Ok so very long story short. Awhile back my friend came forward and told me my husband had cheated on me and she had found out through a mutual friend with the other girl. She told me and I thanked her for telling me. Through much annoyance, the girl basically finally admitted she had lied about sleeping with my husband to her friend and it hadn’t happened. (There we’re multiple witnesses in the end to attest that she had indeed not slept with him, also just did not fit in the character of my husband at all). Anyway, through all this drama my friend had been basically talking to me through all of this then telling her friend and the alleged girl everything I was saying and feeling and doing. Would you guys be mad? I feel like it was honorable of her to tell me originally when she thought my husband had done something , but I was super frustrated and hurt by the fact that she literally kept nothing between us about it and told the alleged people involved everything I was saying and feeling. It felt like a massive betrayal. Am i wrong to be mad? Would you guys be mad too? She’s basically blown me off since I finally confronted her and told her I didn’t appreciate how she had handled all of that. But I don’t feel like I did anything but defend myself 🤷🏻‍♀️

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