Sister in law’s 🤣


Hey everyone so I want to start a thread of the dumbest/stupidest thing your sister in law has done. I’ll go first…

we had a birthday party for my daughter and she texted everyone saying “I’m bringing a photographer to have family pictures taken and you don’t have to worry about paying!” We said okay and at the end of the day she said “okay so you guys owe $250 since you got the most pictures taken and I just wanted a few” like WTF we told her “hell no keep the pictures, we ain’t paying a dime you said your covering it and it was DURING OUR DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY PARTY” we had some family come from out of town and she tricked them into paying $100 which we found out after the party and she still asked them for more money becuase the photographer came from out of state so she charged $300 to come and $500 for the pictures🤣💀 needless to say we haven’t spoken since that day which was may of this year 🤷🏽‍♀️ and she talks crap saying “we’re the drama and she’s the drama free one” 🤣💀