Family business

Me and my bf been together about 6years. I’m 22 he’s 24. We live together in his moms house with our 2 year old (don’t judge me). Here the obvious problem, For years his family has known our business because of course we live in the same house. Someone is always in our business tryna tell us what’s best to do or just being plain messy.

I just want y’all thoughts.. Do you think a relationship could still Be fixed after family gets involved ??

I honestly feel like I should end things and start new;cause I don’t think it could, especially after the relationship being on rocks.

I feel like his family knows too much. We have no privacy & sometimes it even seems as if he doesn’t care about privacy. Too many people look up to what we got & it’s a handful of them trying to ruin it. I hate that everyone knows my business 😭.