Pregnant & Severe back pain

Hello to all.

I am in desperate need of advice.

I am currently 5 wks prego , this is my 2nd baby. And for almost a month now I have been getting severe lower back pain. This weekend was at its worst. I went to the ER and the doctor told me there is little they can do because I’m pregnant. They gave me a low dose of a morphine shot and prescribed me a low dose of norco to take for the pain. The doctor told me to ice my lower back and stay bed ridden for 3 days. I honestly feel no change, and the norco makes me feel nauseous and sick. My pain in so severe I need help with the RR (I’m sorry tmi) and standing/sitting hurts. All I can do is lay in bed but even that hurts. I am so desperate and fear this pain will not end . Any and all advice is appreciated. Also side note I have never experienced anything like this , I also miscarried in Early June. So this pregnancy was unexpected.