IUD issues

BreAnn • Married to an amazing man and mommy to the most handsome little man 5.25.18

Help! I was so excited to get my iud placed at 6weeks and now that excitement has turned to sadness,stress and annoyance. I started to bleed a week later 7/23 and I have not stopped for more than 2days since. Granted not every day is heavy or even constant but more often than not I’m using a tampon or a pad. Like I can’t go without a party liner for fear of an accident. I feel like I’m 12 again and the never know what’s going to happen that day with your period feeling. It’s for the birds. Has anyone had any issues? Any suggestions?Advice? Or he’ll even at this point a funny meme or quote to lift my spirits because I’m so frustrated and over it hahaha.