So much worry…

Jennifer • Mama of 3 (2 by birth; 1 by blending) 2 miscarriages 👼🏻 👼🏻... TTC our rainbow 🌈 👶🏻...

Ok. this is our 3rd try… I’ve had two miscarriages in the past two years and I am now estimating at 5weeks 4days.

This past weekend, we had sex which resulted in light pink discharge and was like a kick in the gut…. I drank water to get myself to pee again to see if it would get “better” or “worse”

I had a small piece (of what I thought was tissue) bright red. Everything else was a very soft pink and since that NOTHING.

My appt is next Monday and I still have slight nausea and my boobs are so sore….

Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this… or anything similar

Should I be worried 😦