Family issues🙄


So I’m a first time teen mom and i have a 30 yro sister who feels the need to put her input into EVERYTHING. And it’s frustrating. She keeps being pushy about me not needing a bassinet or crib, saying i need a grow with pack n play because thats what she used. But i already have a bassinet and i don’t want a pack n play. I was also given a baby chest wrap from my sister in law and my sister got an attitude and was mad because she has a hand me down one for me already. Like whats the difference?? I was gifted a brand new 60 dollar wrap and she felt the need to say something because she already has one for me? Or today she sent my bf a picture of little Dino socks and she asked him what he thought, i told him to tell her that we wont know for another 10 days (which is when we find out the gender) and she got mad saying they’re just socks and she thought she was going to be the first and only one to know the gender until the reveal. They may be just socks but they’re dark orange dinosaur socks and if i have a girl i don’t have anything to match them with. I have already asked everyone not to buy anything till I know the gender. On top of that she literally belittled me for even saying i wanted a gender reveal because it was unnecessary especially if i was also going to have a baby shower.

Its like she thinks that because she has 2 kids of her own she knows everything and has to tell me what is right and what is not.

I may be a first time parent but i have nannied 3 kids full time and baby sat all of my cousins as well as my youngest sister. Not to mention the fact I practically raised her oldest son for two years.

Does anyone else have these issues from direct family and people think that just cause you’re young or a first time mom that you don’t know what your doing or aren’t capable of being a parent?

Update she got them anyways. Theyre cute but once again i do not know what gender my baby is. Its just absolutely frustrating🙄