Anyone else???


I’m 36 weeks pregnant. I’ve been having this feeling for a while, but it just keeps getting worse. When I’m standing up, my uterus/belly just feels so full it almost feels like it’s going to like… pop or explode or something. The longer I stand the more the pressure builds up to the point I genuinely feel worried it’s going to rip open. It’s mostly super low where her head would be. I’ve mentioned it several times to two separate OBs and they don’t really even respond about it. Just keep telling me every symptom I have is because I’m so small and have no more room. It’s just really starting to freak me out so some reassurance would be amazing.

And it’s not Braxton Hicks or contractions. I’ve had an irritable uterus since the beginning of pregnancy and have MEAN contractions every few minutes 24/7 so I know what they feel like very well and this feeling happens even if I’m not contracting at the moment.