Covid vaccine fear


Can someone please help me out I feel like I’m losing the plot. I’m 22 weeks and not had the vaccine. I’m being very careful although I work in a school and in 2 weeks I’ll be back there amongst lots of children and adults. My 2 older daughters will be returning to school and college too. My fear is unreal. If I get the vaccine I’m worried it might affect the baby and something bad will happen. But if I don’t and I catch covid I could be seriously ill and that would affect the baby. I’m awake all night, I keep crying, I’m constantly cleaning EVERYTHING. I’m ruining my children’s school holidays by refusing to take them out. I can’t get an appointment with my doctor until 21st sept. I’m feeling desperate now I just want some reassurance. Has anyone had the Pfizer vaccine whilst pregnant and all is ok?? Has anyone had it and things haven’t? 😞