Starting anxiety medication


So, my anxiety has come back and it feels totally different than it did a couple years ago. A few years ago I was having panic attacks and was having anxiety all day long and wouldn’t ever leave my room or house even.

Things started getting better, I met someone and started brith control and my life started to get better. I got a job, got my license, and planned on moving out with my boyfriend after 2 years together (and we did.)

My anxiety pretty much all but went away for the past 2 years I’ve been with him. We’re moved out now, have been for 6 months, and a lil over a month ago I had a hospital visit for low potassium and a huge panic attack.

My anxiety came back full swing after that night and it’s like my body and mind remembered what it felt like and it’s freaking out now. My anxiety stems from my health mostly, so for a while after the hospital I was finding it hard to even leave my bed as I was having full anxiety all day long. I was crying and emotional and after a while I thought maybe it was my birth control or something, even though I had been taking it for over 3 years, and I went to my doctor and she suggested I stop taking it and let my body get back to normal. So I did, my anxiety got better, I still have it every day it’s just not as bad as it was weeks prior. Going to bed at night, especially knowing I have to be up at a certain time, is hard and I get anxious. Staying asleep is definitely hard to do.

I find myself feeling anxious randomly throughout the day. I just don’t feel myself anymore. I feel like I’m on auto pilot and I’m like disassociating big chunks of the day. I hate it.

My health anxiety isn’t as bad but now I just feel anxious for no apparent reason now.

My doctor suggested therapy and medication if I need it.

Should I start on medication? I’m wanting a new job and I fear my anxiety will get the best of me and It’ll stop me from doing it.

Every time I got to make the appointment I second guess myself like “am I really that bad? Do I really need medication?” “Am I just being overly dramatic?” And then I end up not going.

I want to go to therapy but I don’t have time as I work like 5 days a week.