Ye Olde Toilet Debate


For a bit of context, a woman on TikTok made a video about a dad wanting to take his under 5 daughter into the women’s bathroom and a woman tried to stop him. Bear in mind, the toilet was empty and another woman said she was waiting for her husband so would alert any other women wanting to use the toilet that there was a man inside.

I responded to a woman who was chatting some big old steaming shit about how he should’ve waited outside because men shouldn’t be in women’s bathrooms. She even tried to use that shitty justification of “wOmEn AbUsE vIcTiMs WiLl Be TrIgGeReD”

I gave her some cold hard facts and she blocked me.

Gonna say this right now, if you are on the debate that dad’s or transgender people shouldn’t use “women” bathrooms then you are weird.

1) who notices people in the toilets? Idk about you but I’m in and out. I haven’t got time to notice anybody. Drop a log and go, hot girl shit ✌🏻

2) some women dress masculine, from a glance can you tell that they are “women”? (Whatever that means) and if you are STARING at people in a Toilet to work out their gender - I think you’re the creep.

3) Toilets have men cleaners and all they do is stick a sign up and do their job whilst you take a steamer. The Toilets are still kept open for you to do your business whilst they do theirs.

4) This I feel most strongly about and think I got blocked by the commenter for pointing out the fact that most abuse victims know the perpetrator (90% in the U.K. according to RapeCrisis.Org) and let me tell you, it isn’t occurring in public toilets. And to add to this, the woman said abuse victims might feel triggered by seeing a man in the toilet, gonna be real with you, I myself am a sexual assault victim and I have never seen someone in a bathroom that has triggered me. I have seen plenty of men that have features of my ex that have made my heart go pitter patter in everyday life (on the streets, customers at work, people at uni, etc), but unfortunately that’s my issue to deal with. No this issue isn’t my fault and yes sometimes people get triggered by other people, but it is often not that persons fault, they are not the perpetrator and ultimately it is my issue to have therapy and work on. I can’t stick warning signs up that someone that resembles my ex is near and I should be cautious, no. Not how it works. And honestly as a survivor it really pisses me off when people use sexual assault/abuse victims as a reason to fuel their horrible views. You know what would help me? If films listed a little TW: Sexual Violence in their bios, because I enjoy horror in the sense I like a good slasher, a bit of ghosties sometimes, and I don’t wanna suddenly be stung by a very common traumatic incident just because some man script writer thoughtit would be good for dramatic effect.

5) just gonna refer to my first point: who cares who’s pooping next to you? DROP A LOG AND GO! Why you hanging around?