Am I overreacting?

My bf has a two kids with his ex and throughout the day she's always updating him about what she or the kids are doing. They even have conversations, where she vents how she's feeling throughout the day or talks to him about something that's been bothering her.

To me clearly it seems like there are still feelings beyond just platonic. Should just be straight about the kids and that's it.

She's still not over him. I know I shouldn't have looked but I couldn't help myself. Her pg is public (so he can see what she posts.) And up until this day she is still posting heart break posts about him or making posts about "he's such a good father" on her stories. Once she posted a meme that said "my exs gf please take care of your bf the mf is still looking for me"

Should I just leave? I've expressed it bothers me to him already and he says I'm overreacting. Or says "how am I going to forget her if you're always bringing her up." He always says " I don't care about her. I have love for her because shes the mother of my children but I don't want her back."

Maybe in just fooling myself and denying to myself what evidently is in my face...that they both have something going on. That would explain why he hasn't told her we've been togethor for almost 2 years