Just one more time lord 😫

Oooooooh baby let me tell y’all bout my lil African prince 🥵 (well technically he not mine anymore but in my head that’s MY MAN!)

Okay so we worked together, at first I ain’t pay him no mind cause he seemed a little weird and ALL the women (young and old) could not stop fantasizing about this man. I mean he wasn’t ugly but he wasn’t like “good googly moogly” either. Any who, we ended up exchanging numbers so we could pick up shifts from each other and baby one day…..I guess he said he was tired of being “work buddies.”

I was with my homegirl at her little brothers game before we went out for drinks that night. My prince text me (8pm ish) asking “What you doing?” I’m high so I was a little confused by the “wyd” text cause usually he just straight up ask about work..fast forward, sent him my location to the bar we were at and y’all that man was there in 12 seconds top. By this time I’m cross faded, I’m thinking we still just friends, I come outside to walk him in and he just grabs me and starts kissing me in the parking lot. I’m like oooooohhhh shit!

Then he tell me to get in the back seat! Y’all I was so damn shook I forgot I was on my period till he started trying to play with my honey pot. So I give him a little sample of my throat skills and he like fuck it! I don’t give a damn bout you bleeding! So I’m like hold on, hold on hold on! I done left my homegirl in the bar for god knows how long, she finally came out and somebody told her they seen me get in his car, she makes sure I’m okay and hands me my things cause now the bar is closing.

So we go back to his place and baybeeee it went DOWN! What cardi say? “King cobra with a hook in it!” That man had me squirting and screaming all night! His neighbors eventually started banging on the wall for us to shut the hell up 🤣 that ain’t stop shit though. Whew y’all, I seen that man in a different light after that night. Even had to get it at work once, we also left on break together on multiple occasions and I ain’t give a damn who seen me 😂 we kept it cool though cause we both had significant others. But y’all ain’t no man ever did me like he did me and I miss it and I need some good ol nasty, African, gushy, wet sex right now