Curving a guy. Would you have done the same thing

Dating is super hard. It’s so hard finding guys especially for me coming out of a looonnggggggg relationship, I feel like my standards are high (maybe too high).

Correct me if I’m wrong! There’s a guy I met 5 years ago. We were fairly young. We were 21! Well he dated my coworker which then became my friend.

Fast forward 2 years, I lost contact with her but not him. He told me they just hooked up but not really dated. Okay! 😬

So 2 months ago, he was consistently texting me for 2 months straight. Nothing flirty just very casual. He then told me last week his gf and him broke up. I was like what??? He had a gf? Why would he so invested texting me everyday. He told me they were living together which made it worse. I mean I’ve had guy friends but I never text them everyday especially if I’m in a relationship. I feel like there should be boundaries but maybe I’m wrong.

So he told me the relationship was toxic. Then literally asked me to go out. He said we should just hang out but I said no just bc I felt like he’s trying to find a rebound idk.

So he told me he dreams going out with him and becoming his gf. I thought that was cute but not really bc if he had these emotions now everythjng makes sense why he was texting me while he had a gf

So today again, he asked me to the movies this weekend. I told him no and to please stop but I kinda felt rude about it.

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