problems with Zelleta

hi guyssss just needing a bit of advice before I go back to the clinic to sort this stuff out. basically I've been on the progesterone only pill for nearly a year and a half now, I was on Cerazatte and about 3 months ago got put on Zelleta. I was fine on Cerazette only had a few spottings in a year but now I'm on Zelleta I've got bad acne, weight loss and wayyy too hormonal, my panic attacks have got worse and I've now been on my period for 2 weeks and two days which has never happened before.. I can't go on the normal pill as everytime I go to the clinic they say I've got high blood pressure. just wondering if anyone's had the same problem or know how to get my period to stop its ruining my life😩😩 thanks girls x