BBT; first time, need help!

M • 5/20/22💗🌈

I’m new at temping. I started temping on Sunday because I wanted to order a really good thermometer and when we ordered it on Amazon it got lost in shipment when I was on my period, so we ordered another and it got here Saturday so I did it Sunday. So, i have only done it for 4 days and my period ended on the 19th. My Ovulation strips that i’ve been using since my period ended have not been at peak, which i am confused unless I missed it because because i haven’t been testing two times a day, usually once in the morning and end of the day around 10pm when I can finally get around to it. Does my temp and chart at all show that I may have ovulated? My temp was low yesterday morning 97.10 and went up 97.68 today. According to premom app I am ovulating in two days, we’ve made sure to have BD every day besides Friday and Monday but today we may skip and BD Thursday, Friday, Saturday. My cervix is high, open, and soft. but why am I not getting peaks on the OPK? I’m also just getting watery CM, not egg white