Ease my mind?

I suddenly have chronic sinus infections. I have never had one before in my life, up until March when I had my first one with debilitating tooth pain.

I had one in March, one in July, and now another. I’ve had a CT and now we are waiting on some allergy results too. I already take Claritin and Flonase daily, and my doctor has now added in a nasal rinse. Sigh.

The first infection I took a Zpack and prednisone. The second time I took just a Zpack, it didn’t work, so I had ANOTHER Zpack prescribed. This time they prescribed Clindamycin. I know this drug because it contributed to my mom getting C Diff, and she still says to this day that was the worst experience ever...and she’s had cancer.

I know this medication has a higher risk of causing C Diff than others. Also, I just finished my last antibiotic around like July 23rd or so. It isn’t been very long. Usually I eat yogurt for the probiotics, but I’m currently dairy free due to my kid having CMPI. Double sigh.

1. Anyone have experience with this?

2. Does anyone recommend a probiotic I can go buy at Walgreens or something?