Izzzzzz Tiiiiiiired 🤣😭


16 months strong breastfeeding my LO and I’m so ready for him to be weened! I plan on trying my best to do it cold Turkey next week because my NIPPLES HAVE HAD IT okay?! Lol I will miss it a little I suppose and I’m ok with all of that, I’m just ready to be done. I am going to do my best to stay strong and not give in because I hate to hear him cry and am so tired at the end of the day that it’s just so much easier to give In! But I’m trying to sleep train him at the same time which I think will be a little traumatizing at first but is necessary because he basically uses me a pacifier throughout the night. He will wake up and ok for his cup when he’s really thirsty so I know he will be ok. I’m also going to leave a pacifier for him to suck on throughout the night and maybe that will help. But mommy, is dooooone. Pray for me y’all 🤣 The flesh is WEAK!!! 😭😭😭