Would this irritate you as well?

Me and my husband are moving to my grandparents next week. My grandpa called me today to tell me he cleaned out the whole basement and is ready for us. We were at my grandpas house picking up some mail and I asked my husband if he’d come in and look at the basement and see all the cleaning /work my grandpa did.

My husband just straight up said “nah I want to go home” and I asked again saying it would take two seconds and would make my day and again he said no. So I just said what ever and got in the car. Haven’t really talked to him since.

There was no rush to be home, no body was even at my grandparents house at the time we were. Why couldn’t he of just made my day and came and looked? I just don’t understand.

I’ll sit and watch his stupid ass YouTube videos but he can’t come in and look at something for me.

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