Doctor for delivery help please


Hey everyone !

So my due date is approaching quickly! Tomorrow i have my 38 week appointment, and i been thinking and thinking about who will be delivering my baby as far as im aware , its the male doctor who will be delivering my baby but my husband and i are not really comfortable with it . Also to add in im not to happy with my experiences with him during appointments / checkups. Theres two doctors there , him and a female, and the female doctor is an absolute sweetheart and listens to my questions/concerns i asked if i was getting her for my 38 week appointment and was told she does not see patients past 36 weeks i was immediately concerned hearing that . I will paste their descriptions in the photos the MALE DOCTOR HAD THE LABEL MD and the FEMALE DOCTOR HAS THE LABEL MSN . Im not sure if its gonna be possible to have her deliver my baby ? I have people telling me to ask but i dont wanna ask then get turned down and told no that he has to deliver my baby or embarass myself . I dont know anything about doctors labels or who can deliver babies and who cant ? Someone please help me or give me advice ? Can she deliver my baby or will it have to be him?