Crying due to issues breastfeeding


FTM here and today was just not my day! I believe LO was cluster feeding. However, no matter how many times I put him to the breast, in the afternoon and evening, he kept acting like he was still hungry. He is 6 weeks old.

I ended up giving several small bottles of pumped milk, because otherwise, he would just scream after he was “done” breastfeeding. Now, before bed, he would barely even nurse 5 minutes on one breast and then not interested. Typically, he would feed great for upwards of 30 minutes (we use a nipple shield.)

I want to breast feed my baby so much and get him to the point he is full but it does not seem to be working. What do I do? 😭

(Crying as I sit here attached to this plastic breast pump instead of my baby…)