My baby doesn’t sleep well on her own, if I put her down she starts grunting and fussing and grabbing her face until she wakes herself up, if I swaddle her she fusses even more panicked trying to get her arms out. She even broke out of the Velcro swaddle and the zip up. If I hold her she sleeps four hours straight. I have been doing a bedtime routine with her, bath, boob, book. But she still wants to wake up 2 or 3 times a night to feed and want to be like wide awake for an hour in addition to constantly needed to be rocked or bounced back into sleep between feedings. The pacifier works to get her to fall asleep but she wakes up when it falls out. I guess this is just a rant because of all these post about babies sleeping through the night or for long stretches without being held.