Excited, scared, sad...all the feelings!

My ex husband and I reunited and have been really happy together again when our surprise miracle baby showed up as that blessed second line on the stick. We still live separate but, spend lots of time back and forth. In the last week he has just disappeared  Short, shitty text responses, no phone calls, nada. I haven't told anyone else that I'm pregnant and I'm feeling really alone. I work tons and take care of our son full time. So there is little to no time or money (no child support) for me time, dinner with a friend, a nap! I have no family to help me and all around am just feeling like poo. :0 Never really reached out on a forum like this but, there seems to be some good people in here so I thought I'd try. Usually Miss Sunshine, today feels more like curl up and cry...but, I can't cause my son needs me. :) any strength for me to borrow out there? Thanks ladies!