14 weeks, concerns.

My dr doesn't seem to care too much what's going on, he seems to be more concerned with getting the patients out as the office is soooo packed due to being the only obgyn within a 1hr 15min radius,... I went last week for my ultrasound and didn't get to see a dr but the babies heart rate was 180, when I went in today because I am having issues with being extremely dizzy and seeing white spots and getting really hot suddenly and frequently he told me to stay hydrated and that was it, when I told him that I am constantly thirsty so I'm always drinking water he checked the heart beat and it was at 150 and handed me my paper for the desk said it was fine and walked out, I am concerned with the heart rate dropping like that and with the dizziness and other symptoms... Has anyone else experienced either of these? Opinions, suggestions, anything is welcome. Thanks in advance.