☆Heather June☆
So I see/read a lot of topics on here. I really do have to say that all the ladies are actually really "TRYING" to hard/much to get pregnant. That does put A LOT of STRESS on your body. Even thou you don't think it does. Dont make "baby making" a JOB/CHORE, instead make it fun/exciting. Don't stress over "is this my fertile week, when will I ovulate and this and that", That's really the only thing making u not to conceive.... you are "trying to hard", let it come naturally... ik I have posted a lot of questions and nitpicking over these things to. But when I remeber back to havibg my sin and dsughter I didn't do any of this and then bam preggo I was. In fact I wasn't obsessed with havi g my daughter that I onky had sex ONCE and I got pregnant. After the fact I looked back and it was the day I ovulated according to an app I used to track my period only. And I was nitpicky with my first my son. I was so invovled with okay we have to have sex now or I won't get pregnant after two month and dr visits to prescribe provera to see if I wss ovulating on my own, I said fuck it. I'm done "trying" and then I missed my period the next month and I wss pg with him. So yes there is actually "trying" to much or hard. So there u have it ladies. .. end of vent. :)