Being separated from my boys

I posted yesterday and I can't help but be bored sitting here in the hospital bed all day long. 
My doctor told me I'm not going home until the babies are out. I'm 33 weeks and 5cm dilated. He said that even if we could stop the labor now and if he sends me home and with me at 5cm, if I rupture the babies may come out fast. And they would need immediate medical attention. 
I'm just so upset because we have nobody at all to watch my boys. I have a 5 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. And my husband changed jobs a couple of months ago so he has no PTO yet. Anyways, the plan now is to send my boys to California where my grandma lives. But that may mean I won't see them until after the twins are born and at home stable. Can't take a toddler to NICU.... I'm just so sad to be away from them... Probably doesn't help lying here bored and thinking about it the whole time.