I live with four boys(age 20-23) one being my SO.

I am 21 and I feel so unappreciated.

I clean do laundry i drive three of them to work and do most of the cooking. Its like i get done cleaning and turn around for five seconds and everything i spent hours on is destroyed. They have people over all of the time and i dont have any say on who and when they come over. I work so hard to keep this stupid house clean so they dont have to worry about anything after they all get off work. I dont get thanked, i dont get any kind of acknowledgment and it pisses me off. I cannot work due to crippling social anxiety. My SO barely spends any time with me since we moved here in October. He's also been hanging out with a girl he has known since school who is pregnant and i feel like he wishes he was with her because she has held her baby longer than i held mine.(i had a miscarriage in May i was five months) I think i might be pregnant but i cant get myself into the doctor till next week. I don't know how to deal with their disrespect and i feel like i am getting stepped all over. I dont pay rent so i do everything as my contribution, but would it really kill them to at least not make a HUUUGE mess.

(i have like no friends, I'm sorry this is so long i just needed to get it off my chest)

Thank you so much for taking time to read ❤

-Alone In A Crowd