Nursery Frustration


I’m 31 weeks and have nothing done in the nursery. I don’t have a crib or a dresser. Nothing on the walls. No shelving there’s nothing. I’m very antsy and want to start doing things but all my baby clothes are folded in a pile in the corner of the room and I have nothing else for baby. Part of the problem being my parents keep telling me not to buy stuff cause they want to buy it but like baby is coming in 7-12 weeks and nothing is ready 😭 i don’t have any diaper stock since my fiancé thinks we shouldn’t get diapers till we know what size. I have no baby bath products. No care products like the nasal squeeze thing and it’s all beginning to really stress me out. I feel overwhelmed with the lack of preparation and I am stressed because either I’m going to have to get all this stuff done when people flake the last two weeks before baby or im not gonna have these things until after baby. Im stressed.