I just can’t believe in 5 days I’m going to be a mom of 3 ♥️😍😅

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Like it’s really happening part of me wants to have a breakdown just cause this is my last and final bundle of joy. And the other part is like shittt what am I going to do with three kids under 4.. 😩 then I’m like it’s going to be awesome then I’m like I hope my other kids and hubby are ready for this. Let’s face it I’m a bottle of emotions and I’m just not sure what to feel right now. My mother gets in Saturday thankfully to watch my two kids dog and cat while I’m in the hospital for at least two nights and I’m already over here how am I going to feel. Now I think I’m just ranting away… idk any other moms out there with multiple young babies feel all over the place?? Send help or advice I’m trying to stay calm for the sake of my family.