Yay he’s here!


Born 4:20 PM on September 14th, weighing a perfect 7 lbs 7 ounces. :)

The induction went amazing. I went in at 10 PM on the 13th and they got me admitted and started me on cytotec which did zero for me haha. Around 4:30 AM after after having some infrequent contractions from the cytotec and not dilating further, they began pitocin.

I labored from then until 12:30 PM, my pitocin was up to 20 per minute when my doctor came in and ruptured my water. That was painful and seriously made things progress super quickly. I began having very painful contractions almost immediately. The doctor let my nurse know she could up my pitocin to 30 if things did not progress further. She let me go without for a half hour then came and increased the dose by 2 every half hour until 2:30 PM hit and I opted for a epidural. At this point I was feeling very painful contractions and began shaking, the epidural didn’t fully hit me either and I think it was administered incorrectly. I could still feel my legs and all of my contractions but it made my contractions bareable and that was enough reason for me to be happy I received it.

My pitocin levels were increased and my nurse had left. I continued like that until around 4 PM when my legs were shaking uncontrollably and I felt this incredible need to push. Like my life depended on it I grabbed anything near me and tugged at it or threw it against the table repeatedly just trying to handle the need. My nurse came running in and checked me, she waited 2 more contractions where I screamed out how I needed to push and she put the stirrups up and I placed my legs up. As she started to talk me through she was also making a call to my doctor to come down. 2 pushes later and zero waiting for the doctor, my baby came out and the nurse delivered him. He crowned the first push and the second push he was out. I had a first degree tear and needed 1 stitch. I was immediately able to walk after (another sign the epidural did not work right) and I’m recovering well overall.

I loved every part of my labor and delivery. Do not be afraid of inductions. I hope my story can be of some help to ease any mommas minds who might be needing to do the same as me in the near future.