Bitter baby mama

My husband has a son who is 15 and he loves him so much. He left his baby mama because she cheated. He gives her (on his own) 1200 dollars a month because he got every Tuesday with his son and every other weekend. So she got petty when she found out we eloped and said "You married that n word". He told her not to talk about me like that. So she said she was gonna put his ass on child support and take half his check.... This bitch got her feelings hurt because the court required him to pay LESS than what he was already paying her. He gave her 1200 at first. His child support payment was 212. The look on her face! So he gives her 212 person and gives his son the other 1088. He gives it to him through a bank account and sends him the money. He does tell his son to save at least 300. So he does and I think his kid has saved up to 3k. Well then he kept fighting for split custody and GOT it. His baby mama makes way more than him so the child support agreement Changed and SHE had to pay him! Well it just got even better. My husband is Mexican his son is half Mexican. A couple months ago he said he didn't want to live with his mom anymore because she makes him feel guilty for being half Mexican. Well my husband just got awarded sole custody and now she has to pay him 433 a month for child support. Moral of the story. Don't be a racist bitter baby mama

Edit: I am so proud. My step son is a fucking genius! He makes straight A's, is on the academic bowl. He's so smart and sweet. And if he's anything like his father he will make some girl(or boy) very happy one day!

@Destiny well he's been trying to come with us for a while so yes he's happy! Him and his dad are extremely close and me and him have developed a relationship over the years. I know my step son a bit better than you.