Is it time to pack my bags and leave?

I’ve been in a relationship for about 18 months and I’m starting to lose love. At the beginning everything was perfect but after he became a little controlling, taking me for granted, making me feel sad. Fast forward around May 2021 he found me talking to a boy but it was just friendly conversation. He was literally so angry and wanted to break up with me because I didn’t tell him about the conversation. He said I had something to hide. I told him I didn’t and I reassured him loads. Fast forward to august 2021 I was given the opportunity to travel to another city for two weeks to support a business and give training to new colleagues. He literally said no to me because he said he didn’t trust me and I declined the opportunity. I was so upset because I wanted to go but he made an ultimatum. It was either I let go of him and go or not go and be with him.

Two weeks it was my birthday and we had planned to go to a theme park he cancelled on me on the day before because he was too tired and I let it slide even though I was hurting inside.

Now recently him and his cousins will be going to a different city next week for just a guys trip I trust him I know he won’t do anything dumb but I feel so upset that I couldn’t go to all paid expense business trip to another different city.

I don’t know what to feel he tells me he loves me and he would always be by my side and his family are really amazing but shall I just ride it out and think things will change? I know it’s my fault he doesn’t trust me but I can’t keep living like this.

Please tell me guys what I should do. I’m desperate :(