CALL ALL TTC MALES! and/or their partner!



I have a question about male infertility. My husband and I are starting to wonder if the fertility issues we are having may have something to do with his sperm. Now we have not tried st seek help from a fertility doctor yet, but it looks like we may take that path. I ovulate like clock work and my cycles are always a 28 day cycle.

Ovulation is confirmed by opk and this doesn't mean my eggs are perfect or that there isn't something else going on with me.

(I think my age has allot to do with it) I do have children from a previous relationship and so does he, BUT he had a difficult time concerning his 2 beautiful children with his ex wife and always assumed that was because she had overy issues. I convinced my lovely children with no issues .... like it was almost too easy..

He is 11 years younger then me. I am 44.

Ok so my question is .... has any ttc men and/or their partners have a male fertility test done?

Sperm count

Sperm Mobility

And sperm quality

About how much did that test cost?

Just a ballpark estimate?

We are both planning on getting some test I said I ain't no spring chick anymore but my health isgreat