Baby guilt


Anyone else feel guilt when going from one child to two? I didn't expect to feel this way at all, but I have 2 weeks left to go till I have our little girl and if I'm being honest I feel more sad than excited. It makes me sad thinking this will be the last time it'll just be us with our little boy, and that it's the last summer just us 3. I really don't want him feeling jealous or sad that there's another baby. I wanted a girl so bad and I'm getting one now, I thought id be so much more excited and I feel guilty that I'm not 😔 all anyone can ask me about or talk about is how close I'm getting and that I must be so excited to just have her here already! Which I am, I know I'll love that little girl, i already do... I just feel a lot of emotions when it comes to this... I never had postpartum depression with my son but I'm worried about it a lot more this time around because of how I'm already feeling... any suggestions or comments? Please no judgment, Im beating myself up about it enough... guilty about not being more excited, but guilty about having another baby..