Just a funny story😂

Just a funny story…

My husband and I went on a mini date and left our kiddos home. We just went to grab Taco Bell and DQ. It’s 9:30 and we pulled up on the drive way and noticed all the lights were off. We unlock to door and as soon as I open the door, my (14) son is in the living room sitting in the recliner and said, “well, well, well, it’s about time you got home. Out gallivanting around town, do you know it’s past your bedtime?”


We died laughing! Just wanted to share and remind y’all, parenting is hard and we go through seasons, but it gets better. Your babies won’t be babies but one day teenagers and they will be waiting on you to come home and telling you to go to bed! ☺️ 🙃😏