Implantation bleeding vs. Early pregnancy spotting

A lot of women seem to confuse the 2, so here is a quick FYI!



Implantation bleeding:

Rare and uncommon

Lasts 1-3 days tops

Light pink or light brown

Don’t need a pad

Happens before your period is due

Happens before a positive pregnancy test



Early pregnancy spotting:

Pretty common

Can be pink, light brown, dark brown or red

Can be heavier than just spotting

Happens anytime during pregnancy (most commonly in the first trimester)



If you had heavier spotting that was red during pregnancy that lasted more than 3 days, you had early pregnancy spotting.

If you had light pink spotting that only lasted a couple wipes a few days before your period was due and then got a positive pregnancy test a few days later, you most likely had implantation bleeding.


Good luck to all the ladies trying for that baby!