Anyone had different symptoms with another baby and had the opposite gender?

Tess • 💍 7.12.14 💗|👶 6.7.20 🎀|👶 4.26.22 💙

I’m currently 8w6d.

With my daughter (who is 15 months):

-SO nauseous every morning

-had to constantly eat snacks through the entire day not to feel sick

-by the time dinner came I wanted to eat the entire house😂

-certain foods that I would normally eat turned me off all together

-no sore boobs at all the entire time

-I wanted ALL the sweets (ice cream, candy, etc.)

With this baby:

-almost no nausea whatsoever, feel fine in the mornings

-I do snack throughout the day as needed but I don’t feel the need to snack all day long lol

-no food aversions *yet*

-by the time dinner comes I have zero appetite and have to force myself to eat

-boobs are SO sore

-Been craving salty snacks (specifically soft pretzels with mustard 🤤)

I know every pregnancy is different, but it does make me wonder if I’m having a boy this time around lol. We will know in a few weeks when I do NIPT!